“Be Quiet! I’m attending CHURCH!”

1 01 2014

It’s the last day of 2013.

“The weather outside is frightful.

A fire would be so delightful…”

And, I’m spending it in reverence, sitting in my living room watching DVR recordings of all the Crossroads Festivals. Many of us are just staying home this New Year’s Eve, due to cops, snow and ice,  road congestion, and cops. Did I mention cops? Even here in the wilds of Montana, they already have the DUI checkpoints set up.

You know, when I’m out absorbing a guitar gig, like all the other audience members, I just want to listen to the licks. Invariably there’s one jerk standing around talking, totally missing the vibe.

And then I turn into “that guy”;

“Hey. Yeah, you! Shut the f*ck up, I’m at church… got it, *sshole?”

I’m amazed listening to “those guys” – you know the ones – guys like Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton and  Buddy Guy. Despite investing thousands of hours in my playing,they set a benchmark that  many of us will never attain in our wildest dreams.

I watch the new gadgets and gizmos coming out. Better pedals, smoother amps (that will never e as creamy as our coveted Super Reverbs) , and axes honed out of virgin timber by gawds themselves…

Then, I heard one of these new “synth axes” and now…  it’s really like attending “church”. This acoustic sounds like it should be backing  a evangelical choir…


From GizMag;

Back in November 2012, we learned a few tantalizing details about a new acoustic synth prototype being tested at Moog Music’s labs. The system sits underneath the strings of an acoustic guitar between the bridge and sound hole, and augments and controls the vibration of the strings. The effect is best seen and heard, so have a look at Will Ryan and Vincent Crow from The Electric Jazz Project being introduced to the device by its inventor, Paul Vo, in the video below.

In April of this year, the device was launched on Kickstarter as the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer. The funding campaign was successful and, although a little behind schedule, units will shortly be winging their way to backers. Orders for the next production run are now being taken at Vo Inventions.





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