‘Sez ME!

Why did I write this blog?

In a “New World filled with New Media,” one sometimes wonders what can be found spinning out of control, out there in the ether…

As I stretch my arms out across cyberspace, I’m amazed at how thickly the Marketing ilk and Advertising lackeys have taken over… invading almost every topic, including music… so that at some point they’re all the same…

It’s just about “Buy this…” or “buy that, ‘cuz we’ve got a big breasted babe holding that guitar!”

All they are concerned with is separating you from your wallet. Duh!

main-point-guitarEven though she’s cute… I wonder how often that “babe” can actually play that axe she’s holding?

And it really started to hack me off. So, I said to myself;

“Self, you gotta do something. You know stuff! And, you need to kick the man where he lives!”

Why? ‘Cuz thats how I roll, that’s why! 😉

Actually, it’s because “I know stuff.” In fact, I know 40+ years worth of stuff, when it comes to guitars. And, I’m sick and tired of seeing musicians get separated from their hard earned cash because they get “suckered” by ads filled with tasty buzz-words, that make “salesman” promises that their techs can’t deliver on…

So, this blog is gonna be of the “Put up… or Shut up!” variety. If you can’t deliver, you ain’t gettin’ a sliver… of my paycheck.

“Got it, Mr Sales Rep suit?”

And BTW, you marketing jerk… if you wanna show a girl with a guitar, how about THIS one, hmmm?


Or maybe “Google” Orianthi

Orianthi @ NAMM 2006

I’m not new to this. This isn’t my first “rodeo,” by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve contributed to several blogs and magazines in the past, and some of them were pretty good. I was even “proud” of some of them. But, for one reason or another, the winds of change blow strong… and information goes away… (like that old student guitar in your closet) because we just out-grow them, or get occupied by more pressing circumstances.

If you start to hang here, you may find that I spend a weeks talking about nothing but guitar lore… tales told of “luthiers and logistics…” and then (like a brain fart) I’ll shift gears and start on a rant about “the business of making music,” and then… I’ll screw you all up again, by talking about “guitar guts” and “electronics.”

Lesson Numero Uno: Being a guitarist is about more than just posing, or jumping around on stage looking like you’re having a drug-induced seizure…

Sure, we’re gonna talk about what’s cool, and who’s doin’ what! We’re gonna look at guitars you can only dream of, because you’ll probably never be able to afford them! (Yes, there are even guitars I can’t afford!)

And… we’re gonna explore how things actually “work.” After all, you know where you parked your Escalade, but can you tell me what makes it go fast? I’m bettin’ “No.”

Okay, you’ve got the “Blueberry from hell…” just like Obama! But, do you have a clue how it works? Nope.

It’s important to know HOW things work, if you want to evolve. As a guitarist, knowing how pickups, and bridges, and even neck compositions can affect your licks, makes a difference. After all, you’re not the only guitarist in the world trying to make it in the biz, right?

As a result, I’m going to assemble a “Council of Elders” to help provide some “down and dirty” facts. I’m gonna get Master Axe Craftsmen, Electronics Gurus, and even Mechatronics Wizards to help set you straight! Now we all know you need to “respect your elders…” and you’re “a rebellious lot…,” but some of these guys and gals will actually teach you something, if you pay attention.

So, drop in from time to time, and we’ll let you go “backstage,” so you can see behind the curtain and start separating “the magic from the realities” of the music biz…

Some of you will enjoy the ride. And, some of you won’t.

(The one’s that won’t are probably listening to Madonna, as they read this… so they’re better off mousing over to some ridiculous gossip page, where their needs are better met.) 😉

To those guys, I can offer only this;

“Turn the channel!!!”

Rock on!


2 responses

6 06 2010

Great site! Thanks a lot!!!

6 05 2017
Frank G Hinds

You dropped out of sight. I hope all is well. I’m in Texas now.

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