Remembering George Harrison…

29 11 2014

If you’re a guitarist, the end of November marks another dark day.

The man who said; “The Beatles saved the world from boredom” George Harrison, the lead guitarist with the  Beatles and  a multi-talented singer-songwriter in his own right, died of cancer on this day in 2001 at his home in Henley-on-Thames in south Oxfordshire, England.

George Harrison

George Harrison (February 25, 1943 – November, 29, 2001)

George wasn’t born into wealth. His dream of becoming a rock and roll star began when he was riding his bicycle through the streets of his Liverpool neighborhood in England as Elvis Presley songs blared from passing cars.  A close childhood friend of Paul McCartney’s, George actually auditioned for John Lennon on the upper deck of a UK public bus. He later joined the Beatles.

George was best remembered as “the quiet Beatle”. He let John Lennon and Paul McCartney share the spotlight while he spent most of his time lingering in the back line playing his guitar, doing what he loved best.

Here’s George doing what he did best, with the great Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Ringo Starr;

While my guitar gently weeps…

Here comes the sun…

Billy Preston – George Harrison Tribute – My Sweet Lord

If ever a man was loved by his fellow men, George was a pillar, loved and admired by many…
Concert for George

Today, George… my guitar weeps… RIP.



It’s a Mysterious axe, probably enshrined in a deep spring fed cave!

2 01 2014

I’ve heard rumors lately of an old Les Paul that was literally touched (on a regular basis) by several of Rock’s Guitar “Godhood”.

In fact, some say that this axe passed through the hands of the “Holy Trinity” of guitar players.

1952 Gibson Les Paul with SERIOUS MojoIn 2009 this axe hit the auction block. A little bird told me that it’s for sale again…

It doesn’t look like much, does it? Old Les Paul with soapbars. They’re everywhere, right?

Not like this one. This axe has Mojo on it’s Mojo.  The 1952 Gibson Les Paul was once owned and made famous by cult UK blues legend Duster Bennett, the “One Man Blues Band”.

While that’s cool and all, it’s REAL lineage will amaze even the most novice of players. Duster got this guitar from Peter Green. You remember HIM, right? He’s that “Fleetwood Mac” cat.

Peter Green got this axe from some English cat… Eric Clapton I think his name was. You remember that guy right… from “The Cream” (as Buddy Guy would  say…)?

Eric got it from  – BB King.

And BB got it from, guess who?  Muddy Waters…

… who got it right outta Gibson’s treasure vault.

This axe is just dripping with Mojo. If fact, it’s said that it has mystical powers that allow even the most novice player to abilities that would make most life-time Blues players cry in anguish.

When Les Paul’s own ’52 Goldtop hit the auction block in 2012, it sold for $62,500.00 USD

Can you imagine what a Goldtop that passed down through these hands could say? The stories that it could tell?

We’re keeping an eye on this one…