A guy walks into my guitar lab, looks at a few tweed cases and then…

18 04 2014

… he goes off on this big jag about how rosewood is superior to maple and  “real players have dark necks” and it’s because of “foolish wood crimes” that Gibson lost all their fretboards… waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I thought about stabbing him with a Charvel or an Ibanez neck (I mean, it’s the only thing that ‘pointy headed necks’ are good for if you ask me), but…

Oh just stop it! I’ve made my opinions about “pointy headed guitars and the people who play them” quite public. Check THIS out.

And yeah, yeah… I know. Now I’m gonna get hatemail from Joe (Satriani) and Steve (Vai) for that crack …  🙂

I just don’t like rosewood necks and I don’t like them for the same reason that a lot of great guitarists (like Buddy Guy or Eric Clapton) don’t like ’em.

buddy-guy… who I guess aren’t “real guitarists” because they favor Maple in a major way.

Eric_ClaptonRosewood FEELS funny, resistant, rugged, like it’s got more friction. It makes bending harder. It feels “different”.

Maple may sound a bit brighter, but you know what? I’ll work with it.

And for the record…

Gibson Fretboards

Gibson got caught in a political crossfire because they made some people in a certain political administration mad. It had nothing to do with  exotic wood, guitars or even music. Anyone who says otherwise is full of crap.;)