Homage to Master Axemen: Steve Morse

29 06 2012

Okay, we’ve been on hiatus…

It’s not like we’ve been slummin’… We’ve been preparing to build a ranch up in the most beautiful mountains you ever saw. Places where Alder and Ash grow just begging to become guitars. It’s a place where rivers run pure as the clean side of my ’68 Super Reverb, a place that just begs you to grab your axe in the evening and “Mad Dog” the wild moose.

Now, that came as a surprise to me, because I thought I’d get all “purist” but more times than not… I’m letting my axe wail Nugent, Gilmour or Morse with the volume set on “stun”…

While we’ve been plotting and scheming, playing and slaying… we’ve been doing something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

We’ve been sending out “Strat Love”.

That’s right, we’ve been buying and rehabbing old Stratocasters and Telecasters and then sending them to “The Sandbox” to bring some “Lefty Love” to our brave Men and Women overseas. Those folks put their butts in harm’s way to stand up for what they believe in.

WE’RE Damned sure gonna support them and send them all the love and encouragement that we possibly can.

We’ll tell you more about “The Secret Strat Project” as we go along… It’s been an inspiration to us.

Today, I’m gonna talk about a guy that has inspired me for decades. He’s one old ugly bastard, but he can play like the Gawds came him ALL the talent.

In fact, I’m not gonna talk about him at all. I’m gonna let him do all the talking himself…

“Steve Morse plays his favorite riffs”

Steve Morse Solo

Steve Morse 8 minute solo – incredible

Steve Morse – Tumeni Notes

Steve Morse Arpeggiation Exercise

Steve Morse Lesson

Steve Morse – Well Dressed Guitar

See what I mean? Is that just “the sh@t” or what? Dude crushes it.

If you practice enough, someday you can play like Stevie. But… it’s gonna take a long time. You got miles to go, trust me. This guy has guitar sweat for blood.

Till next time,