Who ‘Dat?

I didn’t start out as a “Guitar God.”

In fact, I didn’t even start out “musical.” I started out the product of Marine parents, who thought that music was just a “commie plot.” And what do you do when your parents say; “NO!”???

You go out of your way to do “it” whatever “it” is!!! At least that’s what I did…

I grew up “in LA” and I’m not talkin’ Baton Rouge. Orange County, to be precise… Hey, life was good, the beaches were covered with babes and LA was only a long traffic filled commute away. I paid my dues at places like Gold Star, Capital,  and (the Mecca that is…) Record Plant. I played my ass off with “the gawds…” and they smiled on me.

I met all the right people, dodged “all the right pills,” (I had problems enough without getting lost in the drug haze) but I attended “all those unheavenly parties,” for which I didn’t pay bills! 🙂

But, like it or not, we all have to grow up. It sucks, but it’s true! I got sick and tired of “Hollyweird,” so I moved to the boonies… Frankly, all those “hair bands” started getting on my nerves. But how do you leave “music heaven” and where do you run to?

Well first, it was back and forth between NYC and Vegas. Not exactly “boonie-ville,” but damned close, sometimes! That got me a 20s-something ride into drinking, gambling, carousing, and just tearin’ up stuff. (It’s a good thing I was late 20-something, or I never would have survived it!)

Between click tracks, movie scores, airplanes, and several old pals stopping by to raise hell, we played our asses off…

Hey, it’s these formative years that give you all that material for your next tune, and a receding hairline. But eventually the boonies caught up with me.

Hey, you can only eat so much $1.99 Prime Rib at a casino!

So, since I’ve always had a soft spot for sushi and Asian girls, I moved to Japan… But, you can only take so much of Japan, before you feel a longing for your roots… and cold beer… and (gasp!) even “blondes.”

So, it was off to the “dirty dirty” to live among the Rednecks, and the hurricane ravaged masses.

And, that’s where this is comin’ at you from! I’m knee-deep in the “dirty dirty” as we speak.

Wherever you are, let me assure you that the “rules” still apply.

Learn the fundamentals, build your place on a foundation of skill and technique, and find your place in the music world by “by thinking out of the box!” Listen to that “old fossil” in Studio “B.” He might actually teach you something! All you have to do is pay attention…

(That, and stop hitting on his daughter! “That” will get you killed!)

Mind your manners (when the boss is lookin’)! And… practice, practice, practice!

(Remember: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice does!”)

Now go get ’em!

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